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This book is dedicated to my family and friends who do not understand how God all mighty defers dreams until he is ready for you to move to another level.

Chapter One:  The Phone Call

 In May of 2005, I retired from 29 years of teaching in pus and burdens in life so I thought.  Well wouldn’t you know it, life for me was really just beginning.  It all started with a phone call from guess who, my mother whom we called Muda.  As usually, she all ways got something for me to do, which was really something she wish that she could do, but couldn’t so she carried it out thorough me.  She said, “Vivian you know Nathaniel got his place now, and he got some computer up there in his place; why don’t you go up there and see it for yourself.”  I though to myself, I don’t want see another computer lab. That’s all I’ve seen for the past 29 years of my work life, so why do I want to go and see his lab.  “I don’t need to see his lab, I am happy for him,” I responded.  I thought to myself, what is she telling me this for?   She knows how I feel about working now.  Well wouldn’t you know it, she finally got around to her point for sharing this with me.  She in her own manipulative way said to me “you need to go up there and look at it, and help him out.”  Well I knew this was coming, the help him out word.  I asked her, “what do you meanblic school and on the college level.  I was all ready for some much needed rest and relaxation from my struggle help him out Muda, he doesn’t need my help.”  “Nathaniel seems to have it all together,” I said.  Muda stated, “well you know, help him out with the business part of it;” my response to that was, “Muda, I am retired now, and I am not retiring to start another job.”  Well she said, “when you get some time go up there to his office and look around and see what you can do to help him out Vivian.”  Well I though about it and as usually I have always obey Muda no matter what she asked of me I have always tried to do my best in accommodating her request.  To those of you who did not then and even now understand my comment during her funeral that she (my mother) our mother was a “manipulator,” this is what I meant; she knows how to approach her children and ask them and demand them at the same time to get what she wants done. 

Little did Nathaniel know, and all of my brothers and sisters know that I always knew that Muda didn’t just come up with half the stuff she would ask me to do on her own, it was all ways augustrated through one of her children who were in need of something.  That’s why some of you guys got so angry with me at her funeral when I said she was a “manipulator.   I survived you all rudeness, and silly ways by applying God’s word daily and praying for each of you daily.  Continuing to love regardless of the situation.”  THAT'S THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL.  The birth of my company  JAVACCS got started from this venture of my brothers organization known as "God's Provision For a Purpose".   I applied the love of Jesus Christ daily. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!"


DECEMBER, 5 1958- OCTOBER 27, 2007